03 October 2008

BOA competition Part 1

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Although today was very interesting, yesterday was even more so. Our Saturday began in the wee hours of the morning. I worked until 1:30 AM and got home around two. Unable to sleep right away, I wrote the blog entry below this on. It was 3AM before I was ready to sleep. Of course, my going to bed woke my Sue Pie up.

She asked me where my Pit Crew shirt was. I told her it was in the hamper. She took all of my laundry downstairs and did it while I copped a few Zs. At 5AM, promptly, my alarm went off ending a sleep that was void of any meaningful REM.

Boy, Sue Pie and I got ready for a very interesting day.

JenEl slept in as she had decided not to accompany us on our great adventure. She would spend the day with Jodi who is a good friend of Sue Pie's.

After we were ready, we all went to Fairmont High School, from where we would embark on our classic All-American day.

You see, dear friends, Saturday was the day the Kettering Marching Firebirds were scheduled to participate in the B.O.A. (Bands of America) competition in Massillon, Ohio.

We arrived at 6AM and I took some pictures.

Boy and Sue Pie as they appeared that morning.

Our truck. Even the Firebird is stunned to be up so early as evidenced by that glowing eye.

Me clowning around in my trademark "SuperGuy" pose with my lucky flannel shirt.

Ah-hahah, I didn't really feel like a super guy, more like an extra in a George A. Romero zombie flick (keeping in mind that my previous day had begun at 11AM and I was operating on a couple of hours of log sawing time) ... and the day was only an hour old.

Shortly after we arrived, a convoy of charter busses came chugging into the lot, belching diesel fumes and waking up the neighbors.

Charter Busses in the pre-dawn hour.

I also took an artistic photo (with my camera) of the real star of the day ... he who is called Boy and the reason I was not snuggled warm in my sack dreaming of sleep. We grown-ups do some really crazy stuff for these things called children.

Boy strikes a classic Dean Martin pose (sans the martini glass).

And the moon was still in our eyes like a big pizza pie at this time of the AM ... trust me on this one.

We in the Pit Crew left before the busses carrying the kids did. Our goal was to get on the road and arrive early to our first destination so that we could unload a few items and be ready for them when they arrived.

Four hours on the road awaited us. Gentlemen, start your engines.

Thus began a great adventure.

Unlike my past entries where I have reconstructed the events in a "backwards" manner, I'm going to post this one as I find the time (I have a LOT of pictures and some video to show you) but there was entirely too much happening that day for me to post it all in one sitting.

Stay tuned for more exciting things to come!


ps --

CORRECTION: In my previous entry I stated that Fairmont beat Centerville in the football game. This is incorrect. They beat Beavercreek.

CORRECTION: the drive to Massillon takes FOUR hours, not three. I was figuring on a speed limit of 65mph in a car, not the 55mph we must adhere to following an 18-wheeler.

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