03 October 2008

BOA competition Part 5

Continuing the adventure at ...

Paul Brown Tiger Stadium.

As chronicled in my previous post(s), the kids arrived at the stadium about 5-minutes before we did. The buses had already parked and the kids were exiting and milling about when we arrived. In the stadium beyond the parking area, competitions were already in progress. You can see the crowd in the stand watching.

Stadium and buses.

Once again the heroic Pit Crew sprang into action, quickly unloading the uniform carts so that the kids could gear up for their coming performance. I'd like to say that "the tension in the air was so thick that you could cut it with a knife", but really, a lot of the kids are vets of this type of thing and we Crew members know our job well, so there was not a lot to be tense about. The kids got their uniforms and dressed for the show.

Uniform carts.

While this was going down, we unloaded the instruments and props for the show. Actually, this had to be done in proper order -- first the carts, then the props, etc ... I want you to know that just because you don't see me in this picture (taken with my camera), does not mean that I was not working hard. I had already moved a prop, and was expertly moving up to help with another, when I snapped this very dramatic shot.

From L to R -- Pit Boss Steve (in the blue cap), a Pit Crew member whose name I do not yet know (who also subs as our truck driver (remember there are 20 of us)), upper row: Matt (whose back is to us), and Vinnie (in the blue and white cap). Band members look on, waiting for their number to be called (each prop is numbered for proper placement and will be carried to the field by 2 Firebirds).

Boy was around. Here he is looking tired. We all were tired at this point, around noon, and the day was not yet half over (this was a LONG day, as I mentioned before).

What are you looking at, Boy?

Heh. I grabbed him as he walked past for this picture and told him to clown around a little. He wouldn't. I have since explained to him that I am trying to convey the general spirit of these events with photos and when moments like this come and go they are lost forever. So when I say CLOWN, I mean clown. He understands now.

It is not that he is in a bad mood here, it's just that there is so much going on. And maybe a little pressure ;) this is a pretty big competition after all.


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