03 October 2008

BOA competition Part 3

Practice at Perry HS

Okay, I'm moving some select entries over from AOL Journals to continue our adventures last weekend at the BOA Marching Band competition held in Massillon, Ohio. If you've followed me over from AOL-J then you'll understand what I'm talking about here. If you've found this blog through Blogger skip down a couple of entries and get caught up in the action (BTW: thank you very kindly for your interest, both new friends and old.)

So, Sue Pie and I have just driven around 4 hours to reach our (first) destination. We're with the Pit Crew and we have been waiting at Perry HS for about 30-45-minutes for the buses carrying the kids to arrive.

First to debark is Mr. Mike Birning, the Kettering Fairmont Marching Firebirds band director.

Mr. Birning.

The buses then pulled around the parking lot (which also served as the practice field) and disgorged a swarm of eager band members.

The Firebirds exit the buses.

The kids then attack the truck in search of their instruments (actually in a very orderly fashion, or at least as orderly as high school kids can be).

The kids and the truck.

Amidst all of the chaos and confusion, Boy stands stalwart, ready to perform his role in this very dramatic drama.

The brave and noble Boy.

So then the band went out into the parking lot and ran thru the coming show a few times. I'm going to guess it was noon before we had finished up here. Remember, I was very, very tired during all of this, so I didn't really keep close track of the time. Guesstimates are fine for our purposes today.

Then we packed up the trucks, buses, cars, and motorcycles and moved on to our final destination.


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