03 October 2008

BOA competition Part 6

Four 0'clock came around much soon than I had anticipated. Time really no longer existed for me at this point. I was functioning on auto pilot now, having had all of 2-hours sleep since around 11AM the previous day. I, of course, remember all of these events, but they are a blur of activity.

The Firebirds had left us at the truck, taking with them their instruments for a last minute practice/warm-up session somewhere on the campus. They were nowhere in sight as the Pit Crew moved out. We were about to go "onstage".

My Pit Pass

We moved all of the Pit instruments around the field to the point from where we would enter. Part of our responsibility is to make sure that the Drum Majors' commander stands are properly placed.

Commander Stand (that's Pit Dad Dan on the right with our humble tractor idling in the background).

When the band performing before us was finished, we had four minutes to set up. Our Pit members moved into position to prepare for this.

Kettering Marching Firebirds Pit.

The band in front of us had just about finished their show when we realized that our band still had not shown up. For a short time we were worried that they might not make it at all. Personally, I thought there might have been a major screw-up on the part of the band directors. I had heard a couple of different times at which we were to perform: 4, and 4:30. What if the Pit took the field at 4, but the band didn't arrive until 4:30? LOL. My fears were unjustified as , right on time, rising from the mists, came the familiar blue uniforms and black plumes. They entered the field opposite us.

The Firebirds enter the stadium.

I quickly, skillfully snapped this shot just as the order to "Go!" was given. Vinnie and I dashed across the field to the 50-yard line with our assigned commander stand and placed it with precision. Then we got the heck out of there so the kids could do their thing.

Unfortunately, I was unable to video any of this particular performance as my position behind the Pit did not allow for it. BOA forbids any video taping while on the field.

However, fellow 'Birds fanatic CynaraJane did grant me permission to post this. This is actually from the Tipp City OMEA show a couple of weeks ago, but it's basically the same show as performed at BOA ... Thanks Jane!

The Firebirds did well as you will shortly see.

After the performance, Vinnie and I dashed back across the field to retrieve our assigned commander stand. We had only two minutes to get out of there before the band behind us was to take the field. Points would be counted against our band if we didn't make it.

We made it just fine. We're professional Pit Daddies, after all.

The band and crew exited the stadium and gathered in front of the stadium. After which we returned to the trucks to wait for the rest of the bands to finish (there were two that followed us) and to await the preliminary judgement.

Heading back to base.


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