12 October 2008

Today was very interesting.

After taking photographs at the parade today (see my previous 3 entries), I had to clear my memory card because it was full. I dumped everything to my hard drive. Here are two videos Ben (aka Boy) and I made at Spring Valley shooting range a few weeks ago.

Note that when Boy says: "Are you kidding me?" it is his response to the fact that he missed the target completely. LOL. No big deal, actually. The M1911A1 .45 ACP pistol is hard to learn how to shoot with. He'll get it with enough practice. (also note that, after he fires his last round, he takes his finger OFF the trigger. Good safety practice there, something that I taught him when he was little and running around the backyard with his toy guns. I'm proud of him.)

It ain't like shooting Commies on the X-Box, is it son?

The rifle that I am shooting is a Ruger Mini-14 chambered for .223 Remington (5.56mm NATO).

These videos did not turn out too badly considering they were captured on a little Samsung Digimax S600, eh?


This is my daughter, Jennie (aka JenEl (Jennifer Ella), Stench, or Stink (derived from Smelly, derived from Ellie, derived from Ella). I took this picture at the parade (see below) today with my camera . She is wearing her Bette Midler disguise.

"Oy vey, Papa, oi'm gonna marry a dahctah." LOL.

Right then.


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